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28 Jul. 2022 19:51 Читайте новини ATACMS українською мовою. Новини технологій, космосу та науки на сайті SUNDRIES.

US Lawmakers Put Biden under Pressure to Send ATACMS to Ukraine | European Pravda

8 Jun. 16:59 Pressure on Biden to hand over ATACMS to Ukraine intensifies in the US Congress.

Delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine: Long-range missiles for Ukraine (28.07.22 11:12) « War in Ukraine | Censor.NET

27 Oct. 2022 13:07 28.07.22 11:12 - Delivery of ATACMS missiles to Ukraine: Long-range missiles for Ukraine. Elissa Slotkin, a member of the US House Armed Services Committee, said that both parties in Congress support the transfer of long-range missiles to Ukraine. In particular, we are talking about the ATACMS operational-tactical missile system. View news.

Shelling of Odesa - Yermak calls for ATACMS and more air defense systems to be transferred to Ukraine | RBC-Ukraine

26 Aug. 04:31 Andriy Yermak called for providing Ukraine with more air defense systems, as well as ATACMS, to combat Russia's missile terror

"We will repel the attacks, but à la guerre comme à la guerre": Russian propaganda's reaction to Ukraine's use of ATACMS missiles

21 Oct. 09:00 In this article, we analyze one of the main messages spread by pro-Russian telegram channels this week - the devaluation of the first successful use of American ATACMS ballistic missiles by the Ukrainian Armed Forces. We wrote in detail about the telegram channels that poison the Ukrainian information space here. On October 17, 2023, Ukraine launched its first strike with the newly delivered American ATACMS tactical ballistic missiles. These missiles have a longer range than ...

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