Since two border cities in the court, 1.5 people were evacuated 23 May. 02:58 Category:No category

Speaking of this, the telegrapher's mother told the head of the Sum Oppeldymer Atturych. "The intensity of this population (Belarus, Red), this community has dramatically increased relative to other populations. In general, tens of times has increased, because not to risk the population, and in the first place, the Council of Defense has decided to evacuate this population point and the Wurob, which is located nearby, "he said," In the words of Atuyha, currently from two cities,

The Council has forbade inspectors to evacuate the car at the station: I don't think we should know the drivers 23 May. 02:54 Category:No category

According to the new law, parking inspectors will prevent cars from evacuating parking equipment. Such restrictions will be applied until the end of the war state in Ukraine. Full News Text

"If it's best for dinner," so that you don't get too much weight: research 23 May. 02:32 Category:Интересности

Experts of nutrition tend to think about a single time frame for dinner

The Republic of Macclan has shown Blinken how the U.S. weapons can destroy the RF base along the Ukrainian border 23 May. 02:27 Category:Війна

The President of the Committee of the United States's Department of Representatives at foreign matters of the Republic Michael McCall has revealed the White House for limiting the use of US defense

sample ideal replacement meat. A recipe for simple solols: without flammable and yeast 23 May. 02:21 Category:Food/Їжа

These simple cakes are preparing extremely simple. It's perfect for everyone, but especially for those who follow healthy food or diet

In France, the testing of a modernized nuclear medium was performed 23 May. 02:21 Category:No category

According to this, the ARMA-R missile was released from the Rafal B strategic Air Force by a trajectory that was simulated by the nuclear airline missile. Her test was passed within the Dural operation. 'ASMPA-R' corresponds to the President of France's commitment to preserve the effective reliability of French military forces in the long term, 'says the message. If RFF tries a red line with nuclear weapons, then other countries won't stay on the ground

e. g. when best to dig potatoes, useful tips 23 May. 02:20 Category:Сад-город

You need to know when to start digging it off. You can figure out if it's time to dig potatoes at a low level, it says Gazeta.u. u. Best place to look at the ballet: If it's glum, it's gone and dry, you can collect the crops. However, if the bars of different periods of pre-planting are together, some of the bushes in the area could be the embassy, and others are still green. Tom can do a test. You have to dig some bushes in different parts of the city. If

I'm a member of the defense procurement agency, and it's a record number of contracts 23 May. 02:20 Category:Війна

An extension of I'm a quarter of the current year of the defense purchase agency has a record of the number of contracts that exaggerates the amount in the year 2023. In particular, they already purchased 7600 drones for over $1 billion

'Ukraine 'will make its own decisions': Blinkenen has spoken of US casualties by the RF 23 May. 02:17 Category:Політика

The House of Representatives were listening to the ban on the United States's weapons in Russia

In all Ukraine, the alarm was declared due to miG-31K - most important 23 May. 02:14 Category:Україна/Події

The entrance night against Thursday, May 22, in a series of regions of Ukraine, air anxiety has been declared due to the threat of a new Russian attack. The Telegram Air Channel, monitoring channels and local authorities report this

The enemy cannot be underestimated, the DPU is at risk of coming to the court 23 May. 02:11 Category:No category

Central Russia is actively trying to expand the front line by looking at northern regimes. At the scene at the Hartlands in State Border, there was a certain level of potential threat for the court. Full News Text

Ukraine's economy has increased by 4.3% 23 May. 02:11 Category:Новини України

The IPA during a wide-scale war in Ukraine, the key areas of the economy demonstrate growth

Turkey has been preparing an ALPSON drone helicopter before doing things on the sea 23 May. 02:07 Category:Світ

The first one developed and built in Turkey by the ALPSON will be able to fly and sit on the sea platform

Clip Not just Loopard: In Minnesota, they told us what weapons will get Ukraine from Spain 23 May. 02:07 Category:Оружие

In particular, the country will pass the artillery projectile to 155 mm

This is a long and complex process: Pletenchuk explained how Ukraine was building its fleet 23 May. 02:04 Category:War

This is currently taking place mainly outside the Azov-Montenegro region

Who has 10? It's meant to be the best gravitation in the world 23 May. 02:03 Category:Футбол

Адемола Лукман оформив хет-трик у ворота леверкузенського колективу

Youtaire said that Ukraine will be receiving from Spain in a new help package 23 May. 02:03 Category:Зброя

The minister called the Spanish Government and the companies to invest in the French defense industry

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