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Amnesty International. Всі новини Amnesty International на сайті

12 Nov. 2021 05:36 Новости - Amnesty International. Все новости дня по теме Amnesty International

Amnesty International Eastern Europe & Central Asia - Головна

10 Jul. 06:55 Amnesty International Eastern Europe & Central Asia. 41 514 вподобань · 148 осіб обговорюють це. Amnesty International - это правозащитная организация,...

All news by tag Amnesty International - DIP

29 Dec. 2021 09:27 All the latest news on the topic «Amnesty International» - read on DIP. Latest information, analytics, expert opinions and interesting materials.

10 September 2020 – Amnesty International Request Mozambique Government Investigate Torture and Other Grave Crimes » Новости

8 Feb. 20:08 Amnesty International requests investigation into crimes in Mozambique: Amnesty International has called on the government of Mozambique to conduct an “independent and impartial” investigation into

Amnesty International Releases Report on Torture of Prisoners in Donbass | ZMINA

25 May. 2015 20:04 The international human rights organization Amnesty International has published a report which contains testimonies by victims and their relatives

Google and Facebook threaten human rights – Amnesty International | Institute of Mass Information

24 May. 22:55 Amnesty International claimed surveillance of billions of users by Facebook and Google posed unprecedented threat to human rights. This is the main message of the report issued by Amnesty International.  “The surveillance-based business

Amnesty International: human rights violations in Ukraine in 2020

19 Oct. 2021 16:01 Amnesty International has presented an annual report on the situation with human rights violations in Ukraine and the world for 2020.

Ukraine’s Security Service released all secretly detained, militants none – Amnesty International | UACRISIS.ORG

25 Jan. 2017 19:05 WATCH IN ENGLISH Ukraine’s office of Amnesty International reports on the changes that have been in place on |

Amnesty International frowns at detentions over Soviet symbols - news portal

3 Jan. 05:23 Amnesty International frowns at detentions over Soviet symbols. The human rights watchdog believes that red flags shall not be banned. Main - news portal. Latest from Ukraine and the world today

Amnesty International: Пандемія COVID-19 погіршила ситуацію з правами людини в Україні | Новый Формат

24 Jul. 10:52 Amnesty International: Пандемія COVID-19 погіршила ситуацію з правами людини в Україні. Новий формат

Amnesty International: белорусские силовики избивали мигрантов. Новости Украины. Главное™

12 Feb. 23:37 Международная правозащитная организация Amnesty International (AI) обвинила белорусских пограничников в вымогательстве и жестоком обращении с мигрантами из кризисных районов. Отчёт AI основан на опросе 75 беженцев, которых в период с июля по ноябрь 202...

iMessage on iPhone 11, iPhone 12 Models Reportedly Compromised by Pegasus Spyware; Apple Responds to Attack » Motion design agency graphics studios

5 Feb. 06:24 Pegasus zero-click attacks via iMessage have been used to install spyware on iPhone units, Amnesty reveals in its latest investigation. Amnesty International says that it was able to confirm that

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