"Setting up civil targets in 2023"

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 23:12 Category:Війна

Ukraine's president of Vladimir Zielski

Zabbel Russian billionaire in India: The police have published a version of the incident

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 22:56 Category:Світ

Paul Anita must have died accidentally, and his friend probably brought his own death together

Collaborate in Zaporozhye with a mass stolen and taken people to Creum: The local people hide in their homes

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 22:21 Category:Війна

The Russian has forced the residents of occupied territories to sit at home, at least showing up on the streets

According to the Army, three border communities were shot at the Court: locked by 10 "flights"

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 22:16 Category:Війна

According to the occupation of the border, the firing weapons, the miites and the artillery were used

Ten-year-old Odessa: The moods of the names.LIVE

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 22:00 Category:Одеса

not much in the streets of the city, but dressing up for the main night of the year

But you can see that Austria is afraid of all of Europe. what's the reason why?

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 21:54 Category:Світ

The Russian hackers can leave the European Union with no electricity

JASON: The experts gave a new stock of currency

novyny.live 27 Dec. 2022 21:13 Category:Фінанси

Tendendence of mushroom depression will be saved throughout the week

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