Ukraine has no PO tools left at the Time Moon: I don't know what's going on 21 Apr. 16:59 Category:No category

Also, the squealing was that the occupants were already able to grab some of the Red-Men

People are outraged: Having four children says he heads in front of them 21 Apr. 15:33 Category:No category

The British internet celebrity Carl Beachey shocked the public through his confession about nudity in front of children

Лавров скаржиться, що Путіна не запрошують у Францію (ВІДЕО) 21 Apr. 15:00 Category:No category

Міністр закордонних справ РФ Сергій Лавров критикує Францію, яка не надіслала запрошення для Путіна.

Чим запам'ятався тиждень: які наслідки для України 21 Apr. 14:35 Category:No category

Цей тиждень вкотре підтвердив, що тема війни в Україні для багатьох стає розмінною монетою

"Феєрична дурепа": Фаріон потрапила у новий мовний скандал (ВІДЕО) 21 Apr. 14:25 Category:No category

Ірина Фаріон критикує дівчину, якій відмовили в працевлаштуванні через незнання української мови.

"Вирішується доля країни": Арестович назвав головний іспит для України за всі роки незалежності 21 Apr. 13:52 Category:No category

Олексій Арестович критикує українську владу та опозицію, яка під час війни в Україні, за його словами, займається політикою заради рейтингів.

У Кремлі відреагували на рішення США, яке дозволить передати активи РФ Україні 21 Apr. 13:25 Category:No category

З'явилась реакція Кремля на рішення Палати представників Конгресу США підтримати закон про дозвіл на конфіскацію російських активів.

in Germany, activists prayed for a portrait of Putin 21 Apr. 13:00 Category:No category

The meeting of the Russian group of Russy Rieot was set up as perforance in Germany, where he prayed for the portrait of Putin

The original RF plan was: why the conference topic failed 21 Apr. 12:55 Category:No category

Tess Kremlin was as easy as possible: "If Ukraine doesn't give money, she won't be able to fight, and she will have to accept peace under the RF."

Importing some parent categories with three children will lose a delay from mobilization: details 21 Apr. 12:22 Category:No category

Your parents who had the delay from mobilization due to the number of children, could lose it for non-alimony

Assistance Ukraine from the United States: What the vote in Congress is talking about, what the consequences are 21 Apr. 12:10 Category:No category

The members of Russia's peace force remain small, the path of forced violence is selected for peace

has been told when US military assistance will go to Ukraine 21 Apr. 11:40 Category:No category

President Patrick Ryder explained when the U.S. 's gun was sent to Ukraine in the new help package

Assignments about Ukraine are: I don't know what can change 21 Apr. 11:25 Category:No category

The lawsuit has an understanding that the same Poland will not be able to stand as much as Ukraine has already stood

Polish farmers complain about the new law of mobilization in Ukraine: what reason 21 Apr. 11:00 Category:No category

Poland's business criticizes the Ukrainian mobilization law because farmers in Poland lack Ukrainian workers

The United States has called a period where Russia will increase its attacks in Ukraine 21 Apr. 10:30 Category:No category

Central Russia can increase the impact in Ukraine in the next weeks. This has to do with the United States, which has not yet arrived in Ukraine

has responded to the United States's decision for helping Ukraine 21 Apr. 09:45 Category:No category

The introduction of St. Mary's response to the House of Representatives for Ukraine's relief package

The following are expected by Ukrainians on a totalitarian bluff: explains the Minister of Energy 21 Apr. 09:20 Category:No category

The Minister of Energy Herman Galuschenko has commented the possibility of a totalitarian bluff in Ukraine

The United States Congress has voted for confiscating Russian assets: what the solution is made 21 Apr. 08:55 Category:No category

The House of Representatives supported a document on confiscating Russian assets. Now the decision has to go to the United States Senate

Mr. Zealand responded to the United States's decision to vote for helping Ukraine 21 Apr. 08:05 Category:No category

President Vladimir Selenski responded to vote in the House of Representatives for Ukraine

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