Mr. Jennifer Lopez noticed in other women's arms 2 Oct. 2023 22:43 Category:Шоу-бізнес

The American reporters noticed Ben Affleck's Hollywood actor in his arms by Jennifer Garner. And the point is, Afflek is already two

The CSA is beating on its spoils due to an unprecedented expansion of the Serbian army near the border with Cosol 2 Oct. 2023 22:12 Category:Світ

Officially Washington is recording an unprecedented presence of Serbian troops at the border with partially recognized Kosovars. This information has already been confirmed in the White

The operation has already begun. Polio called the likely successor of the Kadierova 2 Oct. 2023 21:44 Category:Політика

Next September 17th of & rsibreak; The information about the death chapter of Chechnzzina & mdash; It was first published by the release of with a link to its own sources. Soon

Who imagined Ukraine on Miss World-2023 photo 2 Oct. 2023 21:13 Category:Шоу-бізнес

"Miss Ukraine-2023" became the 18-year-old Sofia Shameya. Soon she has imagined our country on Miss World-2023. Two other girls won a victory in Miss Internet

Progressive offer. Poland has responded to a new Ukrainian performance 2 Oct. 2023 20:45 Category:Економіка

The minister of Poland Robert Telugus has confirmed that while the official Warsaw is still looking at the offer of Ukraine's license

According to the Department of Britain, we're warning the plans of Puttin Wagner 2 Oct. 2023 20:17 Category:Політика

According to the British intelligence team, President RF Vladimir Putin intends to continue collaborating with his loyalty to his representatives

NASA's photo of "cosmic rainbow" 2 Oct. 2023 19:58 Category:Наука та медицина

The Cassini Space Station has managed to make a new picture of one of Saturn's moons, which is called Master. The first pictures in their social media published the National

In addition to CNC, the management option and the 2 RF Army system are the generation of Genestab 2 Oct. 2023 19:33 Category:Україна

In addition to CNC, the management and two RF armies system have been compromised. The forces of defense in Ukraine continue the invasion of the Metropolitan Authority and the offensive

Asia Australia passes Ukraine with powerful Sflinger antiwire systems 2 Oct. 2023 19:18 Category:Технології

Asia Australia passes Ukraine with powerful Sflinger antiwire systems. Ten drones will be arriving until the end of 2023. Source: ABC Australia passes "killer to Ukraine..."

The syndicated date of a national unity 2 Oct. 2023 19:03 Category:Культура

The value of the United Kingdom has declared the date Radiotic of national unity. The flash drive will now go to the new day of Ukrainian writing and language & ndash; October 27th

North Ukraine got a member of Poland's repaved Leonard 2 tanks - a photo 2 Oct. 2023 18:48 Category:Україна

North Ukraine got a member of Poland repaired by the Leonard 2 tanks. For their Poland's repair, they organized a field center. Source: Polka

The European Union has reached its consensus on the membership of Ukraine - Cuba 2 Oct. 2023 18:32 Category:Політика

The President of the European Union is now a consensus on whether Ukraine is accepted. Oh

Mr. Zielinski signed the law for the benefits of the prisoners' families 2 Oct. 2023 18:18 Category:Україна

The President of Ukraine has signed the law for the benefits of the prisoners' families. Now the military's salary is in the prisoner

RONBW cancels the fixed course of the competition - already known date 2 Oct. 2023 18:03 Category:Економіка

The National Bank of Ukraine (NBU), which, since the end of July 2022, holds the official competition 36,586 $/ 1 pil, warn Ukrainians that since October 3 goes

Please, please. Socrates' army is struggling on the show because the RF army is losing the video 2 Oct. 2023 17:46 Category:Політика

The Brazilian propaganda came out to a new level of self-destruction on the background of Russian-Ukrainian war. Yes, this time on the show of Vladimir Sowharov suddenly

they found the RF Army in Creusa 2 Oct. 2023 17:31 Category:Україна

We found a Russian army repair base in Crimea. It's in the village of Light Janska. Source: AUTA Partisans AUTS have found

White Pause is too long. The Greenlands have publicly taken over the European Union 2 Oct. 2023 17:16 Category:Політика

In English, the leader of the Ukrainian leader of Vladimir Zienski, the pause after taking official Brussels the last packet of sanctions against Russia is too stretched

This is the first time in Ukraine that corruption will receive a million reward 2 Oct. 2023 17:01 Category:Україна

In Ukraine, it is the first time that Ukraine has paid more than 13 million dollars. The superior anti-corruption court doesn't call him name. Source: Better anti-corruption

Ukraine's Ukrainian authorities are planning a large reset of the budget - known 2 Oct. 2023 16:46 Category:Економіка

The Ukrainian authorities are preparing for a long and debilitating war with Russia. The Supreme Council plans to offer changes to the fiscal code

The U.S. Security Service has prepared a secret anti-corruption strategy for Ukraine - PolyRico 2 Oct. 2023 16:30 Category:Політика

The U.S. Security Service has prepared a secret anti-corruption strategy for Ukraine. The administration of Bayden is discussing with Ukrainian leaders the ability to speak the future

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