To the 3rd May - a grant contest for the socialization of Mykolaiv 12 Apr. 12:09 Category:Інше

Support for at least 45 local objects is planned. General & mdash; $25 million

110 Company introduced a search for lost Android devices 12 Apr. 11:50 Category:Інфопростір

Thanks to Find My Device most devices can be found even when they are not under & rsibreak; connected to the network

direct "Andy Solomon" mobilized to the arms storm 12 Apr. 11:29 Category:Інфопростір

The journalist said goodbye to the audience in yesterday's TV stream, and today arrived at the military training center

Documentation Details: In Germany, they expose "gangs" to Ukrainian refugees who stole local stores 12 Apr. 11:19 Category:Хроніка дезінформації

Anonymous claims that the German police have uncovered the largest network of shops in the last 10 years. A group of fraudsters who stole goods from stores in 12 cities in Germany, were supposedly refugees from Ukraine -- within six months, they sort of stole 2.7

As Americans chose Trump and led civil war. The poster came out with a "State rise" tape 12 Apr. 11:00 Category:Медіаспільнота

apt to original it is called & ndash; Civil War, but on the phrase "Civil War" we do not react in a very positive way. The rolling tape is released by Green Light Films

"My mother wants to go home." 12 Apr. 09:53 Category:Інфопростір

In the author's book, the material of photography tells us about refugees through the war through their mother's experience

updated Messinger: users can convert photos of high quality and create shared albums 12 Apr. 09:20 Category:Інфопростір

After updating users, they can send files to 100 MB without having to switch to email

Collaborate Maindrev's Delutors have condemned their colleagues, who collaborated with the "Voice of Europe" media 12 Apr. 09:03 Category:Інфопростір

first about the main candidate for Germany for elections in Parliament and the second candidate in the party list

Aunt Serapa! "Sergei Lorrai" The invasion of the Presidium will be shown at the International Film Festival. And most of the competition is Russian Cyril the Middle Ages 12 Apr. 09:00 Category:Антоніна

According to the fact that Lorrael is going to Canne, he says to the local producer of his comic book film. "Almost 2 years ago our team made a film about you, dear and brave Ukrainian people! We've traveled across Ukraine. Our camera saw you in different parts of the country during

Ukraine's assistant, Commissioner Victor Rovo, has received a heavy violent head injury 11 Apr. 21:53 Category:Інфопростір

In addition to the beginning of a full-scale invasion of an ex-Nazi, Ligi laughter is fighting in a three-fold crew

Ukraine's assistant, Inspector Roiza, has suffered heavy traces of wounded head 11 Apr. 21:53 Category:Інфопростір

An example from the beginning of a full-scale invasion of the former "League of laughter" is fighting in a three-fold crew

Nzzesta registered 29 online media, 324 printed edition, four television channels and four providers 11 Apr. 21:36 Category:Ринок

also temporarily suspended the license to speak to a TV publisher company called "Comra," which said Mariavi

Vinnika mystide has appointed a new managing "Vita" 11 Apr. 21:09 Category:Інфопростір

Compared to a new host, Lord of Leaves has become Lord of the Lord

"violent mobilization" man with disabilities - issue on April 11, 11 Apr. 20:00 Category:Русскій фейк...

In the release, we take care of another fictional history about mobilization: In Ukraine, a man with disabilities died a few days after the so-called "violent mobilization." Let's talk about where we can find proper news about the new law of mobilization. And listen

PPF: Russia spent half a billion dollars on a hidden propaganda for its population in 2023 11 Apr. 19:18 Category:Інфопростір

The Ukrainian intelligence management indicates that it is not formally & rsibreak; related; Companized with the Russian structures that position themselves as "autonomous," but in fact, the order of Silicon is produced by something called "patriotic content."

The CBI didn't show up for a search at the head of Kharkiv anti-corruption center, the lawyer 11 Apr. 19:16 Category:Інфопростір

The DBMs report has been reported to investigate possible abuse during the military service. But why was the search in the military at home and that he had a successful status on the case, law enforcement did not explain

The Pentagon cannot prevent the Russians from using Starlink 11 Apr. 18:44 Category:Інфопростір

This is a satellite communications system. It is a commercial product, and Russia can freely buy hardware on a black market

"We Will C to Paris": Russian Prapaganda Relates to the 2024 Olympic Games Programme 11 Apr. 18:00 Category:Пропаганда і впливи

Scott Thrughout story, the Olymics have been a source of global exposure, conflich, and propaganda. For example, Serhi Haiduk, the mayor commander of the Ukainian Navy while running the Illegal annotation of Crimea, said that the Roussians used the Sochi 2014 Ompic Games as a cover for dying their trops to Ukainian Crimea and subtly serving it. When it is such propaganda, athes become a marketing tool for the Putin regx. In other circumstances, they use the manual

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