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August 27th, the blackout of light will act with 06: 00 to 00: 00, --Ukrenergo

censor.net 27 May. 01:25 Category:Події

On May 27, the timescales of time break-ins of electricity for household and industrial consumers will work from 6 a.m. to midnight

Zeland will take a work visit to Spain next week, --Reakers

censor.net 27 May. 00:46 Category:Події

Lord Zielenski will take a job trip to Spain in the beginning of the week

Ziprowski's direction is the hotter than today, - Zielinski

censor.net 27 May. 00:05 Category:Війна в Україні

President Zelenski spoke of the environment on the front, and called Pokrowski the hottest direction on the battle line

Від початку доби відбулося 95 бойових зіткнень. На Куп’янському напрямку ворог 22 рази намагався витіснити наші підрозділи, - Генштаб

censor.net 26 May. 23:31 Category:Війна в Україні

Найгарячішою залишається ситуація на Куп’янському і Покровському напрямках. Там відбулося більше половини всіх сьогоднішніх боїв. Загалом від початку доби відбулося 95 бойових зіткнень.

Шольц розповів про зустріч з Путіним перед початком повномасштабної війни: кремлівській диктатор розповідав канцлеру про "нацистський режим" в Україні

censor.net 26 May. 23:15 Category:За кордоном

Канцлер Німеччини Олаф Шольц розповів про те як пройшла його зустріч з російським диктатором Володимиром Путіним в лютому 2022 року.

Стратегія Путіна на виснаження та руйнування не повинна мати успіху, ми продовжимо підтримувати Україну, - Штайнмаєр

censor.net 26 May. 23:04 Category:Події

Федеральний президент Німеччини Франк-Вальтер Штайнмаєр наголосив на необхідності підтримувати Україну.

Pubbing under rounds of occupants during the day were over 10 communities of the Sumerian, fixed with 127 explosions

censor.net 26 May. 22:29 Category:Війна в Україні

On May 26, the Russians took 28 border stations and a population of the Sumean region. 127 explosions are fixed

the United States has confirmed its participation in the Global Peace Summit, but is not yet known at what level, -Reakers

censor.net 26 May. 22:10 Category:Події

The United States reported that there will be a peace summit in Switzerland, but no one is going to represent the country

Russian intelligence organizes the disks in Europe to generate weapons supply for Ukraine, NYT

censor.net 26 May. 22:04 Category:За кордоном

"The Government of Western Union" shows the rise of small diversification operations in Europe, which, as they say, are part of the Russian campaign to support Ukraine's military efforts

In addition to being shot by the RF Donchevino military, three people died, two more wounded

censor.net 26 May. 21:40 Category:Війна в Україні

Today, on May 26, the Russian invaders shot Sinversk, the Chases Yar, and the Red-headed in the Doinsk region, are dead

The Russians shot Mikhail on Herson and wounded a man

censor.net 26 May. 21:19 Category:Війна в Україні

On May 26, the RF forces attacked Mihilka, Bersiński district of Hersons

June 27th of May declared the day of complaints in Kharkiv

censor.net 26 May. 21:14 Category:Події

June in Kharkiv 27 May announced the day of mourning for the death of the RF attack on the building hypermarket. The orders were signed by the city head of Kharkiv Igor Therahd

We know all parts of the launch Russian missile and combat airplanes. Destroy this terrorist force is a political decision, Zealand. You got it

censor.net 26 May. 20:33 Category:Війна в Україні

President Zelenski announced that Ukraine knows all the places where the Russians launch rockets and raise war airplanes and urged partners to help with their destruction

The enemy has continued trying to improve the tactical position in the Volovians and Lippi areas. The activity of the Russians in Coop direction has doubled during the day, - Genestab

censor.net 26 May. 20:05 Category:Війна в Україні

The total number of battle collisions since the beginning of day on the front of Russian-Ukrainian war increased to 83. Russian invaders make the most effort to break our defense

Run the DBI right against the 125 brigades and General Galukin: What happened in Kharkiv? (GASPS)

censor.net 26 May. 20:00 Category:Війна в Україні

The main editor of the Centre.No, Yuri Butus is live analysing the State Bureau of Investigation against the 125 Brigades and General Julius Galuskin for a breakthrough occupation on Kharkiv land

o people died and nine suffered due to an armistice with the Russians in Kharkiv land. Phase report

censor.net 26 May. 19:59 Category:Війна в Україні

Today, on May 26, the Russian invaders were gunned down by a populated bullet in the Kharkiv region. There are dead and hurt, including children

Key facts and figures 11 / 10 / 05 12: 55 Page 38

censor.net 26 May. 19:41 Category:Події

"The Minister of Defense of Denmark, of the Council of Defense of Denmark."

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